Monetize Your Audience With Advertising

You can monetize audiences such as:
  • Social followers e.g. Instagram, Youtube and others
  • Live events e.g. festivals, sports
  • Email lists
  • Podcasts
  • Website traffic
Just create a listing and provide some information about your audience and let advertisers and sponsors come to you. You can create a FREE Listing or you can buy a Premium Listing if you would like your listing to appear as a featured or at the top of the search results. If an advertiser is interested in your opportunity they will contact you to negotiate a mutually beneficial arrangement. “I Imagine” does NOT take a commission so you will keep the entire advertising / sponsorship fee. Start Now.
Why use the “I Imagine” Ad & Sponsor Marketplace?
1. Put your sponsorship opportunity in front of potential sponsors that you may never have thought of contacting.
2. Put your sponsorship opportunity in front of more potential sponsors that you can contact yourself.
3. Use our unique questionnaire to help you make your advertising / sponsorship opportunity as attractive as possible and also ensure that potential advertisers / sponsors have the critical information they need to decide if your opportunity fits their criteria.
We make the process as simple as possible and also maximize your likelihood of success. 
There are no size restrictions. Current sponsorship listings range in size from millions of dollars for large projects and high profile events down to hundreds of dollars for individuals with small social followings.
Your sponsorship opportunity can be listed here in 5 minutes.
  • Standard Listing: FREE
  • Featured In Category: $47.00 Per Month
  • Featured On Homepage Of Marketplace: $97 Per Month