Monetize Your Audience

Online events, offline events, social followers, email lists, website traffic. You’ve gone to the trouble of building the audience. Now it’s time to monetize it!

You can monetize audiences such as:
  • Social followers e.g. Instagram, Youtube and others
  • Live events e.g. festivals, sports
  • Email lists
  • Podcasts
  • Website traffic

Just create a listing and provide some information about your audience and let advertisers and sponsors come to you. You can create a FREE Listing or you can buy a Premium Listing if you would like your listing to appear as a featured or at the top of the search results. If an advertiser is interested in your opportunity they will contact you to negotiate a mutually beneficial arrangement. “I Imagine” does NOT take a commission so you will keep the entire advertising / sponsorship fee. More information here or Start Now. 


Lower Your Customer Acquisition Cost By Accessing New Audiences

Why pay high prices for platforms like AdWords and Facebook? you can lower your customer acquisition costs by accessing new audiences on “I Imagine”. Our members are ready and waiting to promote your products and services to their audiences. Just review the opportunities listed in the Ad & Sponsor Marketplace, find one that matches your target audience, strike a deal with the audience owner and start generating a stream of new customers.