Adam Radly

Founder of “I Imagine”

Adam Radly – Founder of “I Imagine”

The best way to learn about who Adam is and his motivation for creating “I Imagine” is to watch his TedxTalk about passion. It received more than 1 million views in less than 10 weeks.

Otherwise, take a look at the quick summary below.

Adam is the founder of “World Reconciliation Day” – Adam spent the day with Nelson Mandela and presented him with US$1 million at an event attended by 20,000 people.

Adam went to Mali (West Africa) to help a village in 2004, 2006, 2008. There were many ways to help but Adam didn’t which one was best. He eventually realized that he was really asking – what can I do that will have the biggest positive impact? 


After implementing a program for the village that had the maximum positive impact (“MPI”) he thought this concept should be applied by all nonprofits, then he thought – why not all organizations of any kind and, eventually, he realized that this could be a philosophy of life.

So, he developed a complete philosophy about MPI, wrote a book about it and also made it possible for anyone to edit it or contribute to it – making it the world’s first open source philosophy.

He decided he should also follow his own philosophy so he created an organization whose only purpose is to have the biggest possible impact on the world and was based on the principals of the MPI philosophy – he called it “I Imagine”.

And now, you’re reading about it.

The film festival is only one part of “I Imagine. It’s objective is to help filmmakers maximize their impact and the impact of their films.

There’s a summary of “I Imagine” on the homepage and in these FAQ’s.

He also made two documentaries along the way.