What is ‘I Imagine’?

The platform for entrepreneurs to start and grow a business and maximize their impact

How Does It Work?

Create a free account then decide what you want to do. You can generate revenue by:
  1. Allowing other members to refer customers to you. Just create a Partnership Opportunity (“PO”) listing and tell us what type of customer you want and what you will offer in return (e.g. percentage of a sale). PO listings a free, simple and can be created in 2 minutes. If you want some extra exposure you can buy a premium listing. More.
  2. You refer customers to other members. Just review the Partnership Opportunity listings to see how you can make the largest amount of money in the least amount of time with the least amount of effort. Then get started! More.
  3. Refer people to “I Imagine”. If somebody signs up to “I Imagine” with your affiliate link and buys something you will receive a commission. But, instead of the usual 30 days cookie, you get a lifetime cookie. “I Imagine’ sells recurring services and that means recurring revenue for you as an affiliate – forever. More.
  4. Monetize your audience. If you already have an audience (e.g. customer base, social followers, event attendees) you post a free listing in the Ad & Sponsor market to attract advertisers that want to promote their products and services to your audience. If you want extra exposure you can buy a premium listing. More
  5. Use the social network in “I Imagine” to connect with other entrepreneurs, develop new opportunities and help each other. More.

The Quick Summary

“I Imagine” has been built on the principals of Maximum Positive Impact (see more info below), a philosophy developed by our founder that encourages us to act in a way that has a positive impact on each other and on the planet.

“I Imagine” has two platforms:

1. iimagine.org is a platform that helps individuals maximize their impact and will always be free.

2. iimagine.life is a platform that helps business owners start and grow their businesses while maximizing their impact and includes a combination of free and paid tools.

In simple terms, we are building the most comprehensive platform on the planet for entrepreneurs that want to start or grow a business – all based on “Theory of Pii” (see below).

Where did I Imagine come from?

The best answer is in our founder’s Tedx Talk below about passion.

Here’s the summary:

    • Our founder, Adam Radly, went to Mali (West Africa) to help a village in 2004. There were many ways to help but Adam didn’t know how to select best one. He eventually realized that he was really asking – “What can I do that will have the biggest positive impact?”

    • After implementing a program for the village that had the Maximum Positive Impact (“MPI”) he thought this concept should be applied by all nonprofits then he thought, why not all organizations of any kind and, eventually, thought this could be a philosophy of life.

    • So, he developed a complete philosophy about MPI, wrote a book about it and also made it possible for anyone to edit it and contribute to it – making it the world’s first open source philosophy.

    • He decided he should also follow his own philosophy so he created an organization whose only purpose is to have the biggest possible impact on the world and was based on the principals of the MPI philosophy – he called it “I Imagine”. iimagine.org helps individuals to maximize their impact. iimagine.life helps business owners start and grow their businesses while maximizing their impact.

    And now, you’re reading about it!